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This site is dedicated to informing people about person centered planning, practices, and approaches in an effort to better the lives of people who use services due to the presence of a disability. 

Feel free to reach out should you not find what you are seeking.

Family Developed Person Centered Support Plans

When participants bring an open mind, the deeply held conviction that every person deserves a good life, and the information and details that they have in their hearts and minds about their loved one, they may experience a life-changing process (for everyone involved) and take with them the beginnings of an informative written road map of support for their loved one.

During this Course, You Will

  • Reflect upon what truly matters to the person receiving support.

  • Benefit from step-by-step guidance to develop content for a one-page description and a comprehensive person-centered support plan.

  • Learn skills to explore a deeper perspective.

  • Explore a deeper perspective focused on understanding the individual’s wants and desires.

  • Understand and develop outcomes that matter - then connect goals for achievement.

Participants will receive 

  • Support every step of the way.

  • A vehicle for discovering insight about the individual from multiple perspectives.

  • Well-developed, one-page description templates.

  • A Person Centered Support Plan template in Word so that further customization and updates are easy to accomplish.


  • Clearly defined and prioritized wishes and needs to ensure the person receives meaningful support and services.

  • An improved quality of life, as defined by the person and those who know and care about them.

  • Parents can have peace of mind knowing that a valuable resource for their loved one’s present and future needs guides supporters.  

What You Need to Participate

  • Passion for the person you are planning with.

  • Access to Zoom and a stable internet connection.

  • A computer or iPad. Using a phone is not optimal for this course. 

  • Microsoft Word is encouraged; however, Google Docs is doable.

You Will Leave With

•A deep understanding of person centered thinking and approaches.

• A rich amount of insight about the person using support.

• A completed One Page Profile | and a great start to a Person Centered Plan, provided you are active in the course.

Upcoming Events 

The content available on this website has been carefully selected to help you become more person-centered. You can visit the "Person Centered Resource" page to access videos that will assist you in understanding your journey towards person centered approaches, recommended reading materials, and more.

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