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The one page description|profile templates, worksheets, skills documents, and other curated materials are free. Just add them to your cart and check out at no cost. You will receive an email with the link to download the items.


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The Service Design Template is the only fee based download.

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Downloads in Person Centered Planning

Person Centered Language - specific to Alzheimer's disease but principles are the same.
The Learning Log - The learning log will tell us what works for the person being supported, what doesn’t work for the person, and provides us the information about how to better support that individual.
The Communication Chart - When filling out the chart, it is easiest to start with the “I do this” column because that is the observable action the person is exhibiting. From there, you can identify the environments/contexts in which the action occurs.
From Discovery to Person-Centered Outcomes and Plans
•Learn how to move Discovery Information into a plan with person-centered outcomes
•Apply the Discovery skills through everyday practice
•Work in teams to assess plans using person-centered criteria
•Integrate community-based exploration and individual interest into person-centered outcomes and support plans
Writing Goals and Objectives
Personal goals include person centered supports to enhance opportunities for individuals to make choices that result in personal quality of life outcomes.
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