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Questions to ask a potential provider:


  • How does your agency promote family involvement?

  • Who is involved in the interview process?

  • Find out who does the training for the direct service staff in how to best support your son/daughter. If you aren’t one of those people, you need to retrain them!

  • How long is the training? How many hours?

  • What is the longest shift people work?

  • What is your protocol when a scheduled staff calls in sick or is on vacation?

    • Describe plan

    • Expand on how their clients are prepared for this change 

    • Will they advise you? Will they offer to let you cover if you desire?


  • What is the most successful way they have seen to transition a person from mom’s/dad’s back to their own home after a visit?

    • How can they incorporate naturally occurring transitions? Suggestion: if Sunday nights are a hard return, maybe they should stay Sunday and go to their program, returning to their home following program that day; offer a stop to a favorite place on the way; a stop at the ATM for a $20; etc.

    • Use what works; Not just what is done because it’s the way they do it!


  • The more questions and agency about your son/daughter, the more likely they are to be a “learning” organization.

  • How often do they evaluate what is “Important To” and “How to best support” each individual client?

  • How curious are they about your son or daughter?

  • Be curious about their agency and their staff.

  • Remember that challenging questions cause us to think and learn.

  • Test your assumptions.

  • Ask them to summarize what they understand about your child.

  • Request a “Discovery Meeting” with your child’s team when you feel it necessary.

  • Offer to learn together, attend conferences and workshops. Offer to pay for the staff to attend learning opportunities.





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