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Many people providing supports have little to no experience with individuals with specialized support needs.  Training is critical to developing the skills that will allow them to prevent the onset or escalation of challenging situations for both them and their client.  Please feel free to share this page with any worker that is in need of additional training.


Using Clear Communication


Using basic language and minimizing words to effectively communicate and decrease misunderstanding.

Dealing with Anger and Outbursts


How to have a breakthrough in the middle of an outburst.

Trauma Informed Support for Orientation

The Maryland Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) promotes Trauma-Informed support, an important perspective when supporting people. Trauma-Informed support can be very effective in reducing incidents and promoting health and well-being. Dr. Karyn Harvey, a leading expert, leads the presentation and shares it with you to use when orienting new staff.

Nathan Ory - Motivation and Learning


Creating an environment for successful learning.

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