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Date and time is TBD


Live Interactive Online Course

Family | Caregiver-Developed Person Centered Support Plans

Learn about the life-changing approach called Person Centered Thinking and Planning. Create a support plan that informs others what good supports look like for your loved one.

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Family | Caregiver-Developed Person Centered Support Plans
Family | Caregiver-Developed Person Centered Support Plans

Time & Location

Date and time is TBD

Live Interactive Online Course

About the event

A person-centered support plan (PCP) is an individualized written or electronic resource that focuses on an individual’s preferences, personality, routines, and support needs rather than primarily on his or her disability.

The PCP develops services and supports based on the person’s priorities and strengths rather than problem areas.

During this Course, You Will

• Reflect upon what truly matters to the person receiving support.

• Benefit from step-by-step guidance.

• Learn skills to explore a deeper perspective.

• Understand and develop outcomes that matter - then connect goals for achievement.

What You'll Be Offered

• Skills to intentionally develop a one-page description and comprehensive description and plan. • A focus on a deeper understanding of the person.

• A well-developed PCP template to create an organized and meaningful plan.

• A vehicle for discovering insight from multiple perspectives.


• Development of an informative description and plan that meets the person's needs.

• When skillfully developed, it becomes a life-changing process for everyone involved.

What You Bring

• An open mind.

• The deeply held conviction that every person deserves a good life.

• The information and detail that you hold in your heart and mind.

What You Need to Participate

• Passion for the person you are planning with.

• Access to Zoom and a stable internet connection.

• Microsoft Word is encouraged; however, Google Docs is an option.

You Will Leave With

•A deeper understanding of person centered thinking and approaches.

• A rich amount of insight about the person using support.

• A completed One Page Profile | and a great start to a Person Centered Plan, provided you are active in the course

People who use regional center services are welcome and encouraged to participate in developing their plans; please bring a support person to assist you if needed.

Each class builds upon the previous one. Plan to attend all for the best outcome.  

About the Instructor

Learn from Trudy Marsh Grable, a well-recognized Person Centered Thinking & Planning Trainer credentialed by The Learning Community for Person Centered Practices, who has learned from the best. She brings more than 39 years of lived experience with her daughter. Recently retired following a rich and rewarding thirty-year career with Parents Helping Parents, supporting families, developing programs, and training thousands of parents and professionals.

"For me, the regularly updated person centered plan is critical for others in knowing what Lauren wants and doesn't want in her life; what I and others who care about Lauren have learned is important to and for her and how she best benefits from support.

The plan enables others to support the life my daughter wishes to have. It gives me peace that when I die, her life will continue to be rich" ~Trudy.

P.S. Spelling does not count in this course!


Should you be seeking a person centered plan developed for you or your loved one, please connect with to identify a planner.

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