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Supported Living Service Design Template for California

Service Design Template Sample


The template includes 8 of the 44 pages of content that is in the actual template so that you may test and play with it to see if it might work for you. 


By completion, your document may contain approximately 50-60 pages of content.

Each regional center requires additional information in the service designs.

If you are considering developing a parent-directed or any supported living agency, you will need to prepare a "program plan" also known as a "service design"


The Service Design is a written document that explains your agency’s philosophy and how it will implement services and conduct your business.


It also includes hiring, job descriptions, grievances, training, client selection, and everything else. It’s your business plan. 

Find an overview of Supported Living at


Title 17 is an important part of the Supported Living Structure. 

The 17 Regulations are promulgated under the divisions of the Welfare and Institutions Code cited as the Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act and the California Government Code cited as the California Early Intervention Services Act.


Title 17 drives services in Supported Living Services 

See the requirements at WestEd Law 
Section 58630 - General Requirements

Section 58631 - Service Design Components

Section 58632 - Implementation of SLS Philosophy


Here is the good news!

As a parent-directed supported living agency, I created a service design that any other agency would.  I have also consulted with other start-ups and written service designs for others. That said, my time is limited, and I do not have the time to assist others directly. Given my passion for helping those using services get better lives, I created a Service Design Template to assist others in the development of their service design. Each Regional Center has additional requirements and attachments but this is a foundational tool in getting started.  


The template is said to be "an amazing piece of work"  and "a timesaver for a potential provider. “


If you want to save hundreds of hours of writing, consider purchasing the template. 


  • All the headings are there following Title 17 

  • Meets the Title 17 requirements, but your regional center may require additional information 

  • Has examples throughout

  • Contains information required that does not need to be rewritten

  • Is driven by person centered and self determination as required

  • Includes macros [that have information in brackets that prompt you about what to write]

  • Is formatted to create a Table of Contents

  • Will save you a ton of time and frustration!


Take a sneak peek at the template in the sample. 


If you are new to SLS, I freely share some of the files we used at our agency. To access, complete your info below and you will receive an email with access to a Google Drive where you may download the files. 

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