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Yes, it is possible to direct your son or daughter's service. 


Core information from Department of Developmental Services is available at


Becoming a provider requires multiple steps that we cover at the Parent-Directed Supported Living Training workshops.


Things to consider:

  • You are on call 24/7 but aren't you anyway?

  • A corporation of some sort will need to be established.

  • You will not be able to be a non-profit agency if you begin your agency only for your child.

  • You will need to have start-up funds.

  • A comprehensive service design needs to be written and approved by the regional center from which your child receives services.

  • Once all requirements are met, you may become a vendorized agency.


What can we do for you?


  • Attend a 5-hour workshop to learn about the pros/cons of doing it yourself.

  • Identify the necessities of starting up. 

  • Sharing of multiple documents and ideas that lessen the demand for startups.

  • Come to your California location to do this training in your area.

  • Limited consultation is available at $75/hr. 


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